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What qualities sell a book?

First glance: good cover, relevant content, author’s name. Longer term: content. Hallard Press provides a free booking/publishing/consulting service where we can discuss this and other questions. We will also help you with decisions on meta data and how to list your book on the appropriate genres to be noticed.

Is Hallard Press expensive compared to other options?

Hallard Press’ fees reflect the value we provide. Our partners and staff have collectively over 100 years of professional experience to guide authors through a complex process where mistakes can be very costly. We use state-of-the-art technology and are excellent at what we do. Our current authors will vouch for us and will offer some of their own horror stories of going the “cheap” route in the past. They report losing time, money and quality having gone to others first.

I can go to Fiverr; they can do my book much cheaper. Why should I choose Hallard Press?

Yes, you can. However, Hallard Press provides a proven path to an excellent product plus associates who have the experience and knowledge to meet your goals.  Meanwhile, instead of learning how to properly edit, design, and publish your story via the “cheaper route”, you could be writing your next book.

Can I terminate our publishing agreement?

At any time in the process, as long as you are paid up-to-date, you can terminate your contract with Hallard Press. We give each author a written estimate, and timeline, so you know exactly what you can expect along with the price.

Will I get book sales reports?

Sales reports come directly from the distribution/sales platform (Amazon, IngramSpark, B&N, private bookstores, etc.)

Are you a Vanity Press or a self publisher? What is the difference?

With the advent of print-on-demand (POD), Vanity publishers have pretty much disappeared from the publishing scene. “Vanities” published an author’s book(s), then required the author to have a supply of their own books printed at the author’s own expense. Too often the books stayed in the author’s own storage unit.

Modern self-publishing involves doing most of the steps of writing, having the story edited, right up to printing. One stream, such as Amazon, has a vehicle to upload the printed document, putting it into book form, then lists the books online. When an order comes in, Amazon will print and send a copy to the buyer in a couple of days using POD technology.

Hallard Press is a new business model that combines the best of both worlds. Hallard Press takes an author’s manuscript, and depending on services required, will edit, design, and publish your book.We don’t require the author to print any number of books on their own. It is a modern take on what people really need in this modern world of self-published books.

Self-publishing also allows authors to own their book, receive full royalties, and not have the cost of maintaining and shipping from a book inventory.

How do I get an ISBN? Do you own my ISBN or do I?

All printed books need an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). This is a 10-digit number assigned to every book before publication which records such details as language, provenance, and publisher. Some distributors (IngramSpark, for example) require that eBooks have an ISBN. Amazon does not.  If you accept a “Free” ISBN, such as offered on Amazon, they own the rights to sell your book. However, you can buy your own ISBN to use on any platform. If you have already accepted a free ISBN on Amazon, you can unpublish the Amazon book, buy an ISBN at several places and have your book re-published with the a new ISBN which is accepted on all platforms (including Amazon) It just involves some hassle and paperwork. Hallard Press has ISBNs available for our authors. One of our partners can give you full information.

Who owns the files for my book?

You own the files. Hallard Press will give you a copy of all files and will also keep a copy archived for you.

How is the price of my book set?

Amazon and other platforms have a wide price range for books often depending on the genre, production (depending on whether it is in black & white or color, etc.) and the number of pages. Within this wide range, the author sets the price. Hallard Press will help you set a fair price that provides a fair royalty to the author and a fair price for the buyer.

How much are "Author Copies" of my book?

The author price is the cost of printing the book and and shipping charges. Unfortunately, Amazon Prime free shipping can not be used for an author copy.

How much will the author earn per book?

The author retains full royalties. Hallard Press does not take any portion of your royalty. The royalty is determined by the platform, Amazon or IngramSpark, and is  based on the cover price and the print cost. Ebook royalties are set by the platform based on the cover price.

How complete does my manuscript need to be before you will publish or edit it?

Hallard Press offers several editing/proofreading packages for “raw” manuscripts. The author signs off (Ready to Print) on the completed manuscript prior to publishing. We recommend speaking with a Hallard Press partner early in the writing process, so your efforts will be efficient and cost-effective.

What is my book going to look like?

Your book will be professionally designed and will look like it came from any of the larger publishing houses. It will be sized according to standard trade sizes, featuring a professional full-color, glossy cover to draw attention to the book. The interior design and typography will be chosen for comfortable reading.

Who will buy my book?

Hallard Press works with authors to determine genre, audience, marketing programs and initiatives needed to bring a book to the widest possible book-buying audience. Authors are typically involved in all book promotion which ultimately determines their sales volume.

Where will the book be sold?

Hallard Press works with all online book sales platforms: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IngramSpark, BookBub and more. Books can be listed online as well as placed in retail stores through various distribution services. Distribution is a major discussion point when a Hallard Press partner discusses a new book with an author.

What do I have to do to get started?

Make an appointment to show us your manuscript. We’ll discuss your needs. If you have a cover or design ideas, we’ll be happy to incorporate them into your book ideas. If you don’t have a manuscript, but you do have an idea or a plot, we can help you complete your book. Our first consultation is at no charge.

What format should my manuscript be in?

Microsoft Word is ideal, but we also use other word processing formats for Mac and PC.

Will you scan my images?

Of course. We can also enhance them using Photoshop and other imaging software.

My friend did the cover. Can I use it?

As long as it meets publishing and design standards, we are happy to use it.

Can I use color photos? How will they look in B/W?

Having color photos or images in a book certainly adds value. They also raise the cost of printing. Many color photos and illustrations convert successfully to Black and White (B&W). We have technology to enhance and convert them to greyscale for printing. All photos must be in greyscale to print successfully in B&W.

I want my book in Barnes & Noble. Can you do that?

All books we publish are listed in the Barnes & Noble online catalog. Having them available in the brick and mortar store depends on the manager of each store.

Who are the people behind Hallard Press?

Nancy Hellekson and John Prince are well-known as editors, designers and publishers. Now, joining forces as Hallard Press, they represent a complete one-stop resource to help more authors and provide more value and service to authors who want to self-publish their works.

John and Nancy collectively total over 75 years of professional experience in book writing, publishing and promotion having worked independently for decades with various groups in the United States and Canada. In 2020, the partners came together bringing a combined knowledge and expertise to reach more authors with a shared vision and purpose.

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