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Nancy Hellekson HeadshotNancy Hellekson, Managing Director

Nancy’s mother wanted her to be a librarian. Of course, Nancy rebelled and said “I’m not going to be one of those women with a bun and glasses!”

So, her first real job was a women’s reporter at a local newspaper. At that time, women were not allowed to work on “real” news in the City Room. She then moved on to a PBS station where she had her own weekly arts show.

Fast forward 15 years and she succumbed to her mother’s wishes and was a library director; she loved it! But no glasses—contact lenses.

After retiring, she combined her technology skills and library background and began publishing books for local authors — memoirs, thrillers, poetry, and even a how to play a friendly poker game.

She has now combined her expertise and formed Hallard Press — a professional publishing company for Indie authors.

What We Do For Authors




Who We Are

When we started Hallard Press we agreed on three goals:

  • Help authors.
  • Be profitable.
  • Have fun.

Not in any particular order.

We help authors. Not only with the “book.” We counsel and recommend and become friends amid all sorts of life events. We stay in touch and help them promote and talk about next projects. Publishing the book is just the first step in a long relationship.
Profitability ensures that we have the funding for events and initiatives to help authors. We take courses and buy software and belong to professional groups. We are fully (and financially) invested in the process.

Publishers just want to have fun! Doesn’t everyone? Much of our fun comes from helping authors take the ideas from their imagination or research and produce a print or e-book that allows them to share with the world. Editing for clarity and style, creating an interior that is well designed and easy to read, and designing a cover that communicates with prospective buyers—that is all part of the fun for us.

Give us a call. Let’s have some fun together.

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