kohr's frozen yogurt

It was not a Typical Day at the Beach

It was a warm sunny mid-August day and a cool ocean breeze was blowing into the shoreline.

I had the best summer job a teenager could ever have. I worked at a stand on the boardwalk
in a New Jersey seaside resort. We made and sold Kohr’s frozen custard and orange juice.

Red Proofreading Marks and Pen Closeup

Proofreaders’ Marks

How many of you remember or still use proofreaders’ marks?

Today, with the dominance of technology, most do not edit on paper, they use the Word tracking system. But for those of us who still like paper and pencil, here’s a review of proofreaders’ marks.



I’d heard the word but never really thought seriously about it until Ruth died. I didn’t understand how you came to be affected by such a demon, and now I am.
Short story by Robert Tebo.

Book-Depository UK

Amazon Closes Book Depository

If you live in the United States, Book Depository closure probably won’t affect you. But if you live outside the United States, you will no longer have a large selection of books available to you with free shipping.

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