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Yesterday was BookExpo2023. It was a roaring success by everyone’s standards.

Several thousand people came to see the 100 exhibitors.

Andy Warhol Bridge across the Allegheny River in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

A Funny Thing Happened in Pittsburgh

My friend Tate and I had travelled to the Steel City for a football coaches’ conference.

Neither of us had been to Pittsburgh, so we arrived a day early to explore the city.

Of course, as young men in our twenties, we planned to seek the company of young women.

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Do I Need to Copyright My Book?

Do I Need To Copyright My Book?

Authors frequently ask us if they need to copyright their book.

The answer is the moment your words are written down, typed, or otherwise recorded, your book is copyrighted.

But do you also need to register your book with the U.S. Copyright Office?


I’d Kill For a Cigarette

I want a cigarette. No, I need a cigarette. I crave the comfort of tobacco wrapped in white paper so thin, I can smell it from six feet away. I want to light an unfiltered coffin nail, hold it between my fingers.

Editing 101

Editing 101

Every book needs editing, good editing by a professional editor.

Not only are books judged but their covers, they are also judged by the writing, not the content, but the writing itself.

There should be no typos, misspellings or grammatical mistakes.

The content should flow smoothly.

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Baked or Half-Baked?

There we were, each of us 30-something, all college grads, all employed, and all drinking expensive red wine, the nine-dollar-a-bottle kind. Ten of us, a mix of middle-school teachers and lawyers, were partying.

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