It's a wonderful Life

“It’s a Wonderful Life” Almost Never Happened

Perhaps the most beloved Christmas film of all time got its start during a morning shave.

Philip Van Doren Stern, while getting ready for work one day in 1938, had an idea for a story: A stranger appears from nowhere to save a husband and father from a suicide attempt on Christmas Eve, restoring his joy of living by helping him realize his value to others.


Elfin Magic

It was December 23, 2009. Our adult children were home for Christmas. It was day two of five. The three sons-in- laws played the board game, War in one room. Our daughters were on electronic devices—shopping.

Our granddaughter was now sprawled on the floor in the open-concept living room-kitchen in front of the television, which blared full blast on the Discovery Channel.

I couldn’t look at the screen. Somewhere a zebra was being taken down by an enormous cat. I would have preferred the Disney Channel, but Discovery was the parent-approved choice.

which one is right?

Somebody or Someone?

Indefinite pronouns are used when you don’t know (or care) what the specific noun is, but you just need to indicate that there is a noun.

Indefinite pronouns include: each, either, both, several, neither, nothing.

Then there are the indefinite pronoun pairs: anybody/anyone, everybody/everyone, nobody/no one, somebody, some one.

openai logo


Artificial Intelligence is here and it’s more sophisticated than you think.

Open AI has created ChatGPT.

Basically, you ask it a question and it will reply. It’s not like Siri or Alexa; it thinks for you!

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