Save yourself from an Amazon scam!

According to Dave Chesson, monitoring your book’s prices on Amazon, can stop 95% of the scams.

Unicorn under water

Create Content Easily with AI

DALL-E is an artificial intelligence-generated software that can turn text into unique, original imagery.

It is now “open source” tech – free to the public – thanks to its developer, OpenAI.

Old woman hands knitting

Simple Answers

Anna sat knitting in her tufted wingback recliner. The afternoon sun gave a warm glow to the farmhouse living room.

Anna’s granddaughter, Glenda, was expecting, and Anna was knitting a receiving blanket for the baby.

But the knitting was not going well. In October, she had her cataracts removed and was not adjusting well to her new glasses.

Rain Downpour

Losing Track of Time

Sam Olsen opened the door of his office building to a downpour.

He promised his wife he’d be home in time for their anniversary dinner.

Already late, now the deluge would delay him even more.

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