iPhone 14

101 Things Your iPhone Has Replaced

We all know that the iPhone has replaced the need for quite a few items that people used to have. From calendars to landlines, MP3 players to cameras, Apple’s smartphone has become the “do it all” device we can’t leave home without.


Aliens and Ghosts

Floyd and Miriam on their way to the Seafood Emporium for dinner when Floyd spies a light in the sky. It looks to him as an unidentified flying object.

Miriam disagrees and a debate ensues on the existence of aliens and ghosts.

SAT Test

101 Most Common SAT Words

With the older SAT format, studying and memorizing vocabulary words was a big part of test prep.

However, according to the College Board, “you don’t need to learn a lot of unusual or difficult vocabulary words to succeed on the SAT.” In fact, the newer test was designed to be less focused on vocabulary questions. The most common words on the test are ones students may encounter in college or the workplace.

Late Night Offer

The Big Sausage

Late Night TV Commercial: The Big Sausage by David L Maurer.

As you advance in age, do you find that you’re gradually attracting less and less attention from the ladies?

Cartoon Angel

Angels Are Real

Recently, I met an angel.
No, really, I am serious.
Angels are real.

I not only met one, I got to spend a lot of time learning about some really important things. In fact, I learned that I …

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