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8 Quotes That Changed History

Words are powerful, capable even of changing the course of history.

They can win wars or prevent them. They can impart comforting knowledge in the face of adversity and inspire others to great feats and great discoveries.

They can set people free, or at least set them on a path to freedom.

A mountain shaped iceberg grounded near shore in a coastal community

The Stroud

The unexpected and marvelous usually comes when we least expect it. And often, from the most unlikely sources.

This one happened in the tiny village of Salvage, a fishing community on Newfoundland’s Bonavista Bay, in the early 1970’s.

computer acronym

DYK These Internet Acronyms?

You might remember with fondness the simple days of LOL and BRB, but we’ve moved on to more elaborate initialisms such as “ELI5” and “PEBKAC.”

So, DYK (do you know) some of the most popular acronyms of today?

News Screens

Television News Archive

Television News Archive: 9.5 million broadcasts. 6.6 million hours of television. from 20 different networks, made sharable and searchable through closed captioning data — a permanent record of what’s otherwise being forgotten as soon as it leaves the airwaves.

Airplane Taking Off

Airport Jargon

Airport jargon can sound like a different language.

From following the flight attendant’s instructions to listening to the pilot’s announcements, the common traveler isn’t going to know every term in the aviation handbook.

Exiting Sambutu Enkaji hut

A Father’s Day Tribute

It was the smallest group I’ve ever taken on safari. All friends that spent years saving up for their ultimate dream trip. Kim, Kathy, Gail, Michelle, Burleigh and of course…”Papa Safari”.

Of all the participants, Papa Safari was certainly the most ready for anything.

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