A Nasty Fall on Clinch Mountain

Halloween Prank
Lud Spivey wasn’t sure why he become a Halloween prank. Lud didn’t understand a lot of things in life. When Martha was alive he didn’t have to understand, she did the understanding for him. He wished she had not left him, but he figured God must’ve needed her more than he did. Preacher Simmons told Lud that God would let him join Martha someday and he was really looking forward to that. Life was hard without her.

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Beatles Star

Moving Lyrics From Beatles Songs

Although many of the early Beatles songs were incredibly simple, the writing duo of Lennon and McCartney hit on all-encompassing truths about love and life. Their later albums, which increasingly included the songwriting of George and Ringo, added a fresh perspective to the beloved band’s repertoire.

These 26 Beatles lyrics are a small sample of the emotional wisdom the musical icons brought to every album throughout their legendary career.

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