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But The Billing Department Always Works

Life has rules.

Some imposed (apparently you have to wear clothes at the mall) and others self-created.

In case of an opportunity to choose between grilled Brussels sprouts and ice cream, ‘choose ice cream’ is the rule.

When dealing with technology, if the next step is not immediately clear and obvious, move on to something else. That’s my new, self-created rule.

ellipsis orthographic sign

How to Properly Use an Ellipsis

The word “ellipsis” comes from the ancient Greek term élleipsis, which translates to “omission.”

One of the primary functions of an ellipsis is to indicate words that have been excluded from a text.

Leopard in tree

If The Spots Are Getting Closer…FREEZE!

When we watch the amazing National Geographic, BBC and Discovery videos of exotic wildlife you might get the impression you just go out in a Land Rover and there they are hanging around like groupies, to be put on the big screen.

Well, surprise, surprise…don’t get your hopes up or be too confident.

A solitary and secretive predator like the leopard may be right in front of you, but blend in to its surroundings so well that you might never even see it.

Leopards are magnificent and quite beautiful!

Got Milk

8 Unforgettable Ads and Slogans

If you recognize such phrases as “Snap, crackle, pop!” or “I’m lovin’ it!,” an advertising executive is smiling.

Some catchphrases transcend their original purpose (selling a product) and end up changing language and culture.

Helicopter with soldiers

Coming Home

The military was part of the fabric of our family. My dad, my brother, and our uncles all served, mostly during World War II. Dad went on to work for the US Army, retiring in 1979 as Civilian Commander of The Frankford Arsenal in Philadelphia. I served in the USAF from 1969-1973.

While we all served with pride, there were some very pointed differences in what happened when we returned.

Streaming Music

Streaming Music

Streaming giants, like Spotify and Apple Music, are the most popular ways to listen to music today.

Every week, I like to shuffle through various genres to explore old and new music.

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