Winter Scene

Winter Weather Words

From arctic blasts and snow squalls to freezing drizzle and cold snaps — there are countless ways to describe winter weather conditions.

Here are seven frosty weather terms you may not know.

Susan Ambigram

How Much Do You Know About Ambigrams?

An ambigram is a relatively new calligraphic tool.

It is a word or phrase that is intended to be read in either of two ways (by flipping it or rotating it) and can have the same or a different meaning depending on the type of ambigram.

Beer Can Lady

The Beer Can Lady is Back

Remember a few weeks back, I told you that Denise and I would return to finish cleaning up the pond and save the turtles from wearing those plastic beer can holders as necklaces?

Well, that’s exactly what we did today.

We returned to the scene of the crime. Or is that “grime?”


5 of the Most Common Comma Mistakes

The comma is a tiny punctuation mark that packs a lot of punch. Commas separate parts of a sentence, such as clauses or items. They can indicate pauses or just help to clear up the meaning of a phrase.


The Joy of Whirlygigs!

Whirlygigs are difficult to adequately describe: kind of like miniature windmills embodied in whimsical toys perched on sticks in the front yard or back garden.

They are as simple or complicated as one desires. The easy ones have wings that turn in opposite directions, connected with a screw to the silhouette of a bird or cartoon character cut from a handy pine board. The more complex versions might include dancing penguins, an old man chopping wood, or a woman stirring a bowl.

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