Are You Using Too Many Adverbs?

Adverbs are an essential part of speech, but sometimes we may be guilty of overusing them.

Used excessively, these little modifiers can clutter up your writing and make sentences sound redundant.

predator head skeleton with sharp teeth

That Roar Wasn’t a Lion, It Was My…

The Skeleton Coast of Namibia (Southern Africa) is one of the most uninhabited and desolate places on the planet. It is also the most unique and challenging of all African Safari destinations. The oldest desert on the planet, see the two prior articles for more insight and adventure.

Nancy with Trash Can

Call Me the Beer Can Lady

It all started when Denise told me about a turtle with plastic beer can necklace. She was walking around a small pond and saw this turtle poke his head up wearing one of those plastic, six-pack beer can holders.

Months of the Year

How Did The Months Get Their Names?

The names of the months were set in Ancient Rome, some 2,000 years ago. They went through a few changes in those earlier days, and there are clues that allude to that in the current names.

As with most things in the ancient world, some months were heavily influenced by the gods, and the rest were named based on the order in which they fell.

The diLingo Affair

A mystery with a mixture of fun, seriousness, wild and crazy, and interspersed with danger!

Tony diLingo’s trust names Liam Rooney sole heir and executor. With Tony being the last of an old-world banking family the remaining client assets ($132 Billion) must be returned to the original depositor’s heirs.

The legality of the contents is questionable, plus the guidelines are, no mail, no trail, no jail, no bail, and must be completed in 120 days.

Failure means death.


Contronyms You Use Every Day

Words with multiple meanings for the same spelling and pronunciation are called “homonyms,” but there’s a special class called “contronyms.”

A contronym is a word with multiple meanings that are the direct opposite.

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