Month: October 2021

The Pickup Line

“You have the memory of an elephant,” my husband, Khosrow often tells me.

I suppose it is a good thing, and I take it as a compliment. I remember places, recall events, and seldom forget a face.

Businesswoman imagining to be a super hero with a pen name

What’s in a Name?

What do J.D. Robb, Robert Galbraith, and J.J. Clarke have in common?
Read on for hints. . .

I write my Kate Anderson Mystery Series under the pseudonym J.J. Clarke. At book clubs or author events, I often get the question, “Why do you use a pen name?”

Not a Typical Safari Morning

Part Two of Safari Mike’s story of the Skeleton Coast.

This is CRAZY! It’s 5:00 am and I’m actually going through with it… the Skeleton Coast, Namibia. “The Land God Made in Anger”….

What was I thinking last night when I actually told Festus and Chris that I would try to find the herd of Oryx that “might” appear in the  early morning.


Clare Hollister is an American Poet noted for his celebration of all cultures that make the “American Dream” possible.

Poems: Envision – Imagine all the possibilities. Homosassa – A name is given as an honor. La Costa Nostra – This is about a woman.

party emoji

The History of the Emoji

The word “emoji” (which is also its plural) is made of two Japanese words: e and moji, which translate to “picture character.” They were first introduced in the late 1990s by Japanese phone company NTT Docomo; users could choose from 176 picture characters to add to their pager messages



What happens when things break down?
Last Friday there was a failure of the electronic variety. Mailchimp, the email service we use to distribute Breakfast Serial refused to work. We don’t know why. We had paid the bill. Used all the right keystrokes and mouse clicks. Nada.

Copyright: The Engine of Free Expression: 2021 National Book Festival

Copyright: The Engine of Free Expression

You are an owner of copyright-protected material.Find out more about how this automatic right affects your work and what it covers.Learn about the U.S. Copyright Office and the work it does to encourage creativity.From 2021 National Book Festival

multi-generational family

From Gen X to Millennials

Sociologists categorize people into many kinds of groups for study.
This practice is especially common in the United States, where generations are classified by agreed-upon time periods of around 15 to 20 years.

From the Silent Generation of the 1920s, to the up-and-coming Gen Alpha, everyone falls into one of these groups.

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