The Visible Book

The Visible Book

A Look inside at Book Construction, Historic to Modern.
A Look inside at Book Construction, Historic to Modern. A Video from the 2021 National Book Festival presented by the Library of Congress.Look inside the covers and learn how books are constructed. Learn how to identify the influences of historic book structures in the modern bindings of today. From papyrus to parchment to paper, from Gutenberg’s Bible to the pulp paperback.

Man with cigar

All About Editing

When I was a kid reporter back in the early 60s THE CHIEF EDITOR was akin to a deity. The stereotypical editor was short, rotund, pugnacious, mean spirited, and subject to sudden, violent temper tantrums. He often had a fat cigar stuck in his face, half smoked, which he used as a pointer, hammer, and sometimes, a missile when he was upset with a reporter.

The Incredible Skeleton Coast

After two hours our single engine Cessna Caravan turbo-prop begins to descend. The landscape hasn’t changed much for several hundred miles except now there are more desolate looking peaks and valleys. Bleak and no signs of life…of any kind. What could I expect? We were flying over the most restricted portion of the oldest desert on the planet.

IBPA Pub U 2022

IBPA Conference in Orlando

The Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) has announced a flexible IBPA Publishing University conference in 2022. This flagship event for IBPA, taking place continuously since 1984, is the leading annual meeting for small publishers, author-publishers, and other professionals in the independent publishing industry. 

IBPA Publishing University 2022 will present a top-notch educational agenda over a two-part, virtual and in-person format.

Words No longer in dictionary

9 Words No Longer in the Dictionary

The English language is comprised of thousands and thousands of words (more than 170,000 in the Oxford English Dictionary). But as language evolves and new vocabulary (including slang) is coined, older words that have fallen out of favor are continually retired and removed from dictionaries.

IngramSpark Logo

IngramSpark Raises Printing Prices

As a result of these industry-wide challenges, effective November 6th, 2021, IngramSpark is increasing print pricing as follows:
US (United States) market: 6% increase
UK (United Kingdom) & AU (Australia) markets: 3% increase
These changes do not apply to freight, handling, or title setup related fees.

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