So, You’re Entering a Literary Contest

The literary contest season is coming up over the next few months. It’s a season when authors send in their “children” for assessment, add a few more dollars to their credit card debt, and live in various levels of anxiety awaiting the letter or email that will help define their future.


Local Media Marketing

Local media is one of the most underused resources for authors, and second–and maybe even more important–local media loves local authors; there’s almost no exception to when you can pitch them.


What’s in a Mile?

Various tools and units of measurement have served ancient and modern civilizations alike in helping to build, travel, and develop land. The earliest measurements were often based on materials directly available to people — namely, body parts and nature.


Four Contests Open to Indie Authors

There are many contests open to indie authors, but you must do your research. All too many are scams. They take your entry fee and you never hear from them again. You may email them to find out the winners and never get a response. There was no contest; they have just made some easy money.
Having presented you with that caveat, let’s look at some legitimate contests that you may want to enter:

Common Submission Mistakes

Common Submission Mistakes

Fiction, nonfiction, short story, or flash: Regardless of genre, there are a few easy things you can do to ensure your story makes a good first impression. It might seem rudimentary, but it is shocking how often editors see mistakes in the following categories:

Omicron Six

Kevin Hannigan watched Cooper from a distance. Even though Cooper never said a word, the kid was still annoying to Kevin. And an easy target for some fun. Who would he tell? Kevin smiled at that thought. As he got closer, he saw that Cooper appeared to be asleep, an even better opportunity to frighten him. He took slow footsteps to creep in even closer.

Good News

Sharing Good News on Social Media

Social media has changed a lot about how people interact with one another — including how we share good news. Whether it’s a new job or a personal accomplishment, it’s important to acknowledge hard work and celebrate achievements, even if it might feel uncomfortable.

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