Unk’s Fiddle

Unk played the violin–well, he called it a fiddle–but he’d never play it when anyone was around. Except for Eleanor. He’d play it for her. But then they’d been friends for over seventy years, since they were babies.

I think Unk was always sweet on her. That’s not to say they dated or anything, not like going to the movies or out to dinner–Mom said they never did that.

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Packaging Your Book

If you were going for a job interview, you’d no doubt want to look good and job appropriate. You’ve probably sent in your resume and it was good enough to get you an interview. You want the potential employer to “buy” you—hire you for the job.
It’s no different with your book. You want to present an appearance that will cause the potential buyer/reader to buy your book.

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James Daunt

Interview with James Daunt, CEO Barnes & Noble

We recently attended the IBPA Publishing University and listened to James Daunt, the keynote speaker. He has been CEO of Barnes & Noble booksellers for a little over a year and has consistently made headlines from the Wall Street Journal to Hallard Press Gazette. He did it again on April 8 with a 90-minute Q&A with Karla Olson, chair of the Independent Book Publishers Association.

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“Yes, Lord”

The phone rang. It was June, 1978 and as soon as I said “Hello”, my frantic friend burst into tears and said, “Thank goodness you’re ok, I thought you were dead!” Breathlessly she then went on to explain that her previous boss, my ex-boyfriend from a month ago, was shot in the head and the girl he was with was killed!

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Slue Foot: A Black Girl Grows Up in Midwest America

Daddy had one more story to tell about when he was a little boy. We didn’t ask him to tell us this one. He liked telling it anyway. “Der wuz dis big famly jes lak us, but dey wun’t po lak us. I seed dem girls in dey pressed white dresses always carrying theirselves lak dey wuz somebody. Der wuz five girls. Dey looked smart, went ta school everyday, an wuz at church evey Sunday. Dey had dey heads up high, an dey wuz real intelligent lookin. Dey got in dey wagons, set up strait behind dey parents, an went home. I never seed dem run ‘round wit nobody, ‘specially dem ‘no-good ’ boys. Dey wuz beautiful. When I seed dat, I use ta wish dat wuz my family. I say dats wat I wont my family ta be lak, an dat’s wat I wont my chillun ta be lak.”

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