Looking for a Common Enemy

“If you don’t behave the Romans will come and get you!” So said (I imagine), a barbarian mother to her child in their monsterskin hut somewhere back in the glory days of the Roman Empire. Or the Egyptians will come, or the Persians, or the coat hanger people, or the goblins, or just about any enemy real or imagined.

Famous First Paragraphs & Where They Can Take Authors

One of the first things a junior, wet-behind-the-ears, reporter used to be told by the grizzled cigar-chomping editor was that the first paragraph of any story had to contain the “5-W’s: Who, What, Why, When, Where. And, as if that wasn’t enough, “add in ‘How” if at all possible.

Should I Use an Aggregator? And What is it???

Do you remember when we first talked about Aggregators? They publish e-books in the ePub format and distribute them to multiple online channels. Instead of having to submit your e-book to each individual website, Aggregators will do it for you.

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