Month: December 2020

Printed Books? Humbug!

Twenty years ago, I told my sister that  “In 20 years printed books will be novelties.” It seemed, at the time, that audio and e-books were the only way forward. We would stop killing trees and polluting waterways and burning fuel to print and deliver books. Instead, we would create and distribute books electronically. Only electrons would die, but it’s been proven that (like some primitive creatures) they do not feel pain. At least not like we do.

The Taxman Cometh Soon. Are You Ready?

Google “Tax tips for writers” and you’ll get a cascade of hits. You’ll get so many tips, ideas and pointers that you may be confused beyond belief. Welcome to the world of Authors and the IRS.

Federal income tax, that “temporary” measure introduced by ??? in ??? has persisted and now is the subject of many myths. You may have heard that the tax code is 70,000 pages. Well, it depends.

Along My Garden Path

Poems by Holly Schwartztol

For Mother’s Christmas

Every year I swore
I’d get home to New York for your Christmas fete
To mingle with those who came year
after year
as one close group merry at your table

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