Staring Down Kismet

Kismet, that karma, predestination, etc. etc., out of the blue thing that happens when you least expect it, thing.

I was reading a piece by a friend about kismet the other day and thought, “My life has experienced a lot of kismet.” Opportunities open up. Wishes come true. Good things happen.

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The Miracle of Chanukah

When we, as present-day inhabitants of Planet Earth think of miracles, our thoughts turn to religious stories. These narratives have been passed down through the generations.

In many instances, different peoples, believing in various modes of spirituality, have been saved through divine intervention. Such is the case of the Jewish people.

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Plunder: A Brett Carson Thriller

By Keith Wilson

Undaunted by a severe winter storm that paralyzed the Windy City with blowing and drifting snow,  more than two thousand people crowded into Saint Peter’s cathedral on Washington Street at midnight to celebrate Christmas Eve Mass. Soft candlelight illuminated frozen snow veneers on the window panes; branches of pine wrapped with red ribbon wound around marble columns that rose majestically toward the vaulted ceiling.

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