You Are The Storyteller.
The Weaver of Dreams.

We Edit, Design & Publish
Your Stories & Dreams.

Hallard Press is a private, independent (Indie) publishing house providing customized book and story editing, design, and publishing services for independent authors.

We Edit, Design & Publish
Your Stories & Dreams.

If You Are A Storyteller (or a Dreamer), We'd Love To Meet You


Behind every good writer stands a great editor. From simple proofreading to complete rewriting, we stand behind our authors.


Looking good is a critical element for every Hallard Press book. From well designed, easy to read pages to covers that make readers want to pick up and buy the book, we believe that good design is essential.


Getting your book into the global print and distribution system ensures the widest possible audience. Print, e-book and audio formats ensure that readers have a choice of how they want to “read” your book.

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